About me


My name is Amit and I’ve been a baker for over 20 years. When I was 9 years old ( this was back in 1984 ) my family moved to Canada and my parents bought a running business from an old retiring gentleman by the name of Ziskint.

Ziskint was always charming and had a great attitude. He was a Holocaust survivor which I have to guess made him appreciate life in a very different way than you or I will ever know.

The business, as you might have guessed it, was a bakery. The Haymishe Bagel Shop in Toronto Canada. One of the most well-known bakeries at that time (the place unfortunately burned down in 2013 it was a very sad day for me).

As a child, I used to come into the bakery and help out with whatever I could. I started off by shaping bagels by hand ( this was before they had machines for this ) and as I grew I started doing more, shaping bread, braiding Chala Bread.

By the time I was fifteen I was already scaling ingredients and mixing the dough. At the age of 19, I had my own business and was doing all the baking by myself. After many years I started to develop an allergy to flour, IRONIC I KNOW. I would sneeze and had trouble breathing, especially from heavier flours like Rye. I eventually had to give it up.

I always stayed around the business. In 2010 I moved back to my home country ( Israel ) where I joined my family who learned the business from my father and they have since opened up a chain of successful bakeries by the name of Artisan Bread where I was managing one of their stores and helping wherever I could including product development.

Over the years I have had many home bakers asking me for help/assistance. I was always glad to help. After answering so many questions, with the help of my wife Dana my father, we decided to start this blog to help the home baker with their baking problems and answer their questions the best we can.

Thanks for stopping by.