Best Baking Stone for Pizza & Bread

Baking Stone is a great tool to have in your kitchen for baking crispy home bread and a very economical choice. It is cheaper than its steel counterpart and, if well maintained, can serve you for many years to come.

After much research and testing on my own, I have found that the best baking stone out there is the Rocksheat Baking Stone. It is a good and solid stone for pizza, bread baking & grilling. It has an innovative double-faced built-in 4 handles design ( so if you have four hands it is perfect for you 🙂 ) and is the best product for an affordable price. This is all because of the following reasons:

  1. Good size: can bake 2 loaves at once
  2. Perfect size to use as an RV stove
  3. Double-faced Built-in 4 Handles Design
  4. Cheap and affordable: you can check out the latest price on Amazon here.
  5. Tolerate an implausible amount of heat: 1400℉ heat resistance.
  6. Maintenance is simple

This baking stone is burnt in 2200℉ kiln, you can be rest assured there are no harmful substance or odors in this baking stone.

Personally, most of my baking career has been spent baking bread on stone plates so I might be a little bias as it is my baking surface of choice naturally.

Perfect Size

This baking stone comes in rectangular shape size 14″ x 16″ x 0.67″ / 35.50 x 41 x 2 cm (which includes the handles) and is excellent as it is large enough to allow baking two loaves of bread simultaneously. I usually bake two loaves of bread at once, the bread doesn’t last long in my family.

It’s quite thick and heavy more so than other baking stones and will do great on your grill as an extra bonus ( can stand 600-degree gas grill).

If your needs are different you should know it also comes in other shapes and sizes, round ( 12.6″ x 0.6 / 32 x 1.50 cm or 15″ x 0.67 / 38 x 2 cm) and a rectangle (12″ x 15″ / 30.5 x 38 cm), so you can decide what’s more convenient for you and your oven. In any case, I highly recommended measuring the oven before purchasing to avoid disappointments and unnecessary returns.

NOTE: Measurement in cm have been rounded up or down to the nearest 0.5

Perfect To Use as an RV Stove

For all camper and RV lovers out there, this baking stone couldn’t be more ideal for you. As we all know the camper’s ovens are not top-notch, to say the least, and this baking stone is just a simple fit, the perfect size and will make sure that the heat in your oven distributed more evenly, hence giving you much better desirable results.
No matter if you bake bread, pizza, cookies or whatever, the results are guaranteed to be well above expectations. So if you are a baking enthusiast as much as you are about your camper – don’t give it a second thought, this baking stone is right for you.

Super Easy Grip

This baking stone is double-faced with handles that are built-in and is designed for convenience and safety. The fact that the handles are built into the baking stone makes it easy to transfer around the kitchen. This saves space inside the oven and in storage as well.

The fact that the handles are carved or formed out of the stone itself, means fewer chances of things breaking off.

The other reason for the double handles (4 in total ) is, so it doesn’t matter which side you have the baking stone laid down, it is still easy to get a good grip on the stone and pick it up safely.

If you’ve ever pinched your finger from a baking stone before you would really appreciate this feature.

Personally I do not leave the baking stone in my oven all the time. For starters, I would not want to have oil stains on it and second, it will use waisted energy from your stove to heat it up all the time.

Having these grips on the stone and being able to move it in and out of the oven and into your storage space is very convenient.

Cheap and Affordable

This baking stone is very affordable especially compared to its steel surface counterpart.

An average baking stone goes between $ 20 -50$ dollars and while the Rocksheat baking stone is not the cheapest stone out there, it’s definitely not the most expensive one.

The bottom line is that it delivers the “value for money “equation in a big way. This baking stone can last for many years if maintained properly. It will give you very enjoyable moments in your kitchen and if you own a camper or an Rv it goes double for you (see above).

Heat Resistance Is Powerfull

This baking stone can store a lot of heat inside it (1400 Fahrenheit or 760 Celsius) and also absorbs the moisture, in order to produce a perfect and crispy bread for you.

The fact that it can hold these high temperatures means the stone will not crack under the intense heat needed to bake a perfect pizza or get that initial spring on your bread.

The heat will not only ensure you get great bread or Pizza but will maintain a steady temperature. This is important because you do not want your oven temperature dropping when you open the door to check up on your bread or pizza.

Maintenance is Simple

Proper use of this baking stone and keeping up with the basic cleaning rules will guarantee you many years of enjoyment of this product. Here is what you need to do:

After baking, make sure to let the stone cool down completely before cleaning it.
If you happen to have excess dough stuck on the stone clean it up with steel wool – don’t use a metal spatula to avoid scratching the stone. If there are some stubborn pieces that you can get off, simply burn them away (a temperature of 500 F or 260 C will do the trick). Once you are done you should be able to simply brush it off.

Whatever you do don’t use a wet cloth and try to avoid any water from encountering the stone.

TIP: To prevent the bread from sticking to the stone, it is recommended to spread some semolina or cornmeal under your dough, or even use parchment paper


Having tested various baking stones over the years I am confident this baking stone is the best find for the price you get. For the latest price on Amazon click here.

As I mention before it also comes in other shapes and sizes. If you need a different size for your baking stone, take a look at these ones:

Check out the rectangle (12″ x 15″) version here

Check out the round (12.6″ x 0.6″) version here

Check out the round (15″ x 0.67″ ) version here

I have tested out steel plates as well. They are an excellent choice as well but are a bit more pricy. If you want to see the review I have about my favorite stone plat you can read it here.