How To Choose The Right Baking Bread Book For Yourself

There are many excellent baking books in the market, all filled with techniques, theories, recipes, and whatnot. In a previous article “The Best Bread Baking Books That Should Be In Every Home Baker’s Library”, I reviewed many great bread baking books, but at the end, when you are about to make a choice, the bigger the selection the harder the choice. It can be overwhelming.

During my years as a baker, I read and was assisted by quite a few baking books. After everything said and done these are my top picks for the best bread baking book for every level of expertise: novice, intermediate and professional bakers. The books I recommend are all comprehensive, easy to read and give lots of information tailored to the baker’s said level.

That being said, each of us has different things they are looking for from a book: health focus, as many recipes as possibles, the science behind baking and more. So if you feel like my choice is not the best fit for you, scroll down as I added a list of great bread baking books that helped me along the way. Again, for easy use, the list is divided according to the different level of expertise.

If you are planning to buy a book as a gift for a friend or family member who enjoys bread baking, keep in mind that there are many more options for gifts that every home bread baker will be happy to receive. You can find the full list of great ideas in this post.

The Novice Baker
My Top Pick

The Bread Bakers Apprentice

This is a great book to start with. It covers different types of bread, grains, gives great tips, focuses not only on how to bake it but also how to fix or repair mistakes (if possible) which can be super important to a novice baker. Accompanied by over 100 step-by-step photographs and 50 recipes,
Truly a good teaching guide. This is for the novice baker who wants to learn various techniques and to really understand the effects of the different ingredients in bread.

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The Intermediate Baker-
My Top Pick

The Bread Bible

After you baked for a while and you know your way around your dough, this book will depend on your understanding and take you to the next level. The book explains every aspect of the bread-making process, including the chemical reactions taking place, the proportions of ingredients and how they affect the final outcome.
It contains 150 recipes including bread made with yeast starters, quick bread, flatbreads, brioche, and much much more.
How do I put this? It’s not called it “The Bread Bible” for nothing.

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The Professional Baker –
My Top Pick

Special and Decorative Breads

This is really for the pros that wish to get into the business of baking or already part of the industry.
The book gives formal information on bread baking techniques and ingredients in a professional bakery as well as 50 cost-effective recipes for different kinds of bread.
If you are a professional bread baker or owner of a small neighborhood bakery, this book will be very valuable for you.

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As I said before these are my top pick, however, each has its own taste so I’m including some other great books I wholeheartedly recommend.

Feel free to scroll down this article to find the book you like best and if you find a book you want to buy just click the Amazon link. I do suggest you read my suggestion about it first though just in case it is not exactly what you thought.

Note: I divided my recommendations according to the baker’s baking ability.
If the book fits more than one level, for example, novice and intermediate bakers alike, it will appear at the lower level section between the too. For example, a book suitable for novice and intermediate bakers will appear in the section for novice bakers and It will be mentioned that it is also suitable for the intermediate bakers as well. It is recommended to read the whole section before making a decision about which book to buy. You don’t want to miss out on any of the books.

The Novice Baker

Flour Water Salt Yeast

Easy recipes suited for any level, good coverage of bread basic, focus mainly on one type of bread: high hydration country rustic boule ( boule is a French-style sourdough bread shaped into a ball ). More advanced bakers can enjoy it as well.
Note: most of his recipes in this book require a Dutch Oven.

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Covers 5 different kinds of dough White, Olive, Brown, Rye, and Sweet with lots of variations. It comes with a CD showing Bertinet’s (the author) kneading and shaping techniques which is very helpful.

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Clear instructions and hundreds of step-by-step photos . not a lot of recipes but rather a few basic recipes are given with some examples to illustrate how many different breads can be made from each recipe. Very detailed. Not only one of my favorite bakeries but also one of my favorite bread books.

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Bread Revolution

A must-have book for health enthusiasts. 50 recipes and formulas that use sprouted flours, whole and ancient grains, nut and seed flours, alternative flours and allergy-friendly and gluten-free approaches. A lot of the recipes call for a starter” which the book provides instructions for making. beginners and experienced bakers alike will find this be a transformative book.

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Pan Casero

This Spanish book provides easy and functional recipes as well as easy methods for making bread at home.
Including short video demonstrating techniques that can be scanned through QR code.

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The Professional Baker

The Handmade Loaf

Vivid stories and illustration, over 75 recipes including special ingredients such as fruits, raisins, olives, etc.
Recommended for the early intermediate baker.

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Bread Science

A hardcore science class of how bread works in every step of the process: mixing the dough, using preferments and sourdough starter, shaping the dough, baking, and more.
This book has over 250 photos and drawings, references, a bibliography, a glossary, and an index.
Not a recipe book, this one is for the curious bakers that just want to know more.

This book is surprisingly cheap for the amount of in-depth information. Check out the latest price on Amazon.

The Bread Builders

This book is best for bakers who already masters working with sourdough bread, very technical and provides the theory and science behind bread baking as well as details instructions of how to build your own wood fire oven.

A very interesting read. Check it out on Amazon.

Bread Matters

A comprehensive book designed for all health enthusiasts. It preaches for the benefits of healthy home-made bread and gives a large number of recipes.

This book provides techniques and recipes and especially informative information about bread in the modern era and how mass production bread does us harm.

Easy to read but suitable for those who already know a thing or two about bread baking.

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Bread: A Baker’s Book Of Techniques And Recipes

Enlightening explanation about the chemistry of baking bread.
Nearly 150 detailed, step-by-step recipes geared for the professional baker, along with vivid drawings and photographs showing techniques and finished products. A lot of the recipes emphasize steam as a key “ingredient” which is not an easy thing to accomplish in a home oven.
A go-to book for the intermediate and professional bread baker.

Definitely worth the buy. Check it out on Amazon

Dictionnaire Universel Du Pain

This Franch book is an encyclopedia about everything related to bread from history and the evolution of bread through processes, ingredients, recipes and more.

The book requires a readers commitment and is better if read linearly.
To a serious bread baker who wants to be inspired as well as to know more about the product and the profession.

A must-have in your library. Get it now!

The Professional Baker

Special and Decorative Breads Volume 2

The book provides recipes for more complex types of bread but does it with a lot of illustrations to demonstrate the different stages of bread making.

The quantities of the recipes are not intended for the home baker, as recipes here are more geared towards an actual bakery and not the home baker.

Check out the latest price. This is an old book and there are not too many copies of it left on the market.