The Best Gluten-Free Bread Baking Books You Need To Add to Your Cookbook Library

Scouring the internet for gluten-free bread recipes can be exhausting. Really. There are just so many websites, blogs, and companies providing the lovely service of a variable array of gluten-free bread recipes, but sometimes it’s just too much. Sometimes, you just want to curl up on a couch, with a coffee or tea and simply peruse a good cookbook with excellent recipes, a great layout, and breathtaking photography. 

Here, in this post, I’m listing the gluten-free bread cookbooks that I think you should have in your library. Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate, or a pro baker there’s a book on this list that you’re going to want to add to your cookbook library.

Beginner Gluten-Free Bread Cook Books

The following books provide basic instructions, more details, and specific instructions to guide the beginner gluten-free bread baker.

Gluten-Free Bread Baking for Beginners
by Silvana Nardone

This gluten-free bread cookbook gives those seeking informative and detailed instructions to baking a variety of gluten-free bread a solid base. Those that are recent gluten-free converts, whether due to celiac or gluten intolerance, will find the recipes comparable to those that have gluten in them.

Silvana Nardone provides straightforward instructions for how to make gluten-free sourdough bread, from maintaining and caring for the starter to the how-tos of shaping and baking. Additional types of bread include everything from brioche to sandwich bread and pizza. 

While the recipe ingredients are measured out in grams, which some beginners may find a challenge, weighing out ingredients does lead to better gluten-free baked bread results. Lots of information is provided giving you ample opportunity to bake the perfect loaf of gluten-free bread every time.

The Gluten-Free Gourmet Bakes Bread

By Bette Hagman & Peter H. R Green M.D.

Whether you’ve recently discovered that you have a wheat or gluten intolerance, have lived with it most of your life, or you’re looking to cut back on your wheat and gluten intake – this is the book for you. Especially if the hardest part of your diet is missing bread. 

Author Bette Hagman was diagnosed with celiac later in life and because she did not grow up on a gluten-free, she remembered (and missed) bread fondly. This cookbook pays homage to the wheat and gluten bread that can no longer be consumed.

Having experimented with a variety of gluten-free flour ingredients, this gluten-free bread cookbook brings those types of bread that you may be missing back to life. Everything from rolls and buns, to yeast and yeast-free bread and everything in between. 

This cookbook offers a great diversity of recipes and a great base of knowledge to the beginner gluten-free bread baker. Providing answers to common questions as well as a resource guide for all the tools and ingredients you’ll want to have in your pantry to start baking ASAP.

How to Make Gluten-Free Bread That Actually Tastes Good

By Celeste Noland

Tried and tested by both gluten-free eaters and non-gluten-free eaters, they all agree that the recipes in this cookbook are every bit as good as non-gluten-free food.

This cookbook provides a great variety of all your favorite types of bread sandwich bread, dinner rolls, monkey bread and so much more! 

The author, Celest Noland, has ten years’ worth of experience in the gluten-free bread baking world and brings all her tips and tricks to the table. Providing easy-to-follow instructions and full-color photographs for each and every recipe. Not only that, recipe notes are provided, ensuring every baking attempt is a success.

Gluten-Free Bread Baking at Home

By Julia Martins

This is the cookbook for anyone who prefers to make their own bread, rather than buy whatever the grocery store has available – no matter how much variety is available on the shelf nowadays.

Whether you’re looking to get healthier, have wheat or gluten intolerance, or need allergy-friendly foods, this cookbook gives you what you’re looking for. Providing you with “secret” ingredients to take your bread from “meh” to “wowzers”, giving you hints to save time and money, as well as alternatives for whatever special diet you may be baking for.

With 101 super tasty gluten-free bread recipes to try out, you will not feel lacking. Author Julia Martins provides nutritional value, substitution charts, tips and tricks, and easy-to-follow recipes that will give you amazing results.

Gluten-Free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread

By Nicole Hunn

While not specifically geared toward the beginner gluten-free bread baker, the fact that it is tailored to the frugal and economic tends to bring out a lot of the basics that a beginner would need out of a cookbook. 

Nicole Hunn includes a host of recipes covering flatbreads, crusty bread, no-rye “rye” bread, cheese bread to rolls, and bagels. Not only that, but she provides you with a basic “tool-kit” of essential techniques, a troubleshooting guide, and recipes for gluten-free flour blends including

  • All-purpose
  • Whole Grain
  • Pastry

Gluten-free bread baking can get expensive, there is a wide array of ingredients needed on hand to make a great loaf of gluten-free bread. Not with this cookbook, it gives you the tools, resources, and how-to to bake gluten-free bread at a fraction of the cost.

No-Fail Gluten-Free Bread Baking

By Pamela Ellgen

If you’re looking for a dependable guide on gluten-free bread baking, then this is it. This cookbook includes a multitude of conventional recipes for the types of bread we all know and love, like bagels, baguettes, and good old-fashioned white bread.

Not only does author Pamela Ellgen provides step-by-step instructions and conveniently provides the various flour blends required on one page, but she also gives the reader a troubleshooting guide that anticipates all your questions and answers them simply.

Gluten-free bread baking can be a challenge, but with a cookbook like this one, it becomes a breeze. You just want to keep baking, never missing out on texture or flavor.

Heal Your Gut, Bread Cookbook

By Andre Parker

While not specifically a gluten-free bread cookbook, it is a bread cookbook with gluten-free bread recipes. The bonus is you get to learn more about how to heal your gut. 

There’s been a lot of information floating out there about the human microbiome – the trillions of microbiota living on and inside the human body. The largest component of the human microbiome in the gut and it’s been speculated that a balanced gut leads to less susceptibility to physiological and psychological issues and illnesses.

Andre Parker provides several gluten-free bread recipes that taste and feel great, so that you can enjoy the types of bread you’re familiar with, without compromising your special diet or health.

Intermediate and Advanced Gluten-Free Bread Cookbooks

The books in this section are more for those who have a little more experience with baking gluten-free bread and are looking either for a challenge or to up their game in the types of bread available to them to bake.

Gluten-Free Sourdough Baking

By Mary Thompson

If you’re looking for more than just your basic sandwich bread, then this is It, you’ve found it. With this cookbook, there is no need to compromise on flavor, texture, or even esthetics, plus you get the opportunity to master sourdough bread on a whole other level. The gluten-free level. 

If you have an allergy or keep vegan this cookbook provides the reader with substitutions allowing those with even the most strict or sensitive of diets to enjoy. 

Author Mary Thompson guides the reader through the process of starting and maintaining a gluten-free sourdough starter, expert advice, and guiding through the ins and outs of her delicious gluten-free bread recipes. 

You don’t have to miss gorgeous non-gluten-free sourdough bread any longer with this cookbook. It provides you with a great variety of gorgeous, and delicious gluten-free sourdough bread loaves.

Gluten-Free Artisan Bread in Five Minutes A Day

By Jeff Hertzberg, MD, and Zoe François

While many of us feel the need to just dive in and try a recipe from a fresh cookbook, there are more than just recipes that go into a cookbook. Going through the cookbook, beyond just the recipes, allows you to pick up on all the tips and tricks that the author, or in this case authors, put together. 

The authors of this cookbook, Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois, provide a lot of beneficial information before getting to the recipes that are worth reading. Gluten-free bread baking is not like non-gluten-free bread baking in the slightest, it has a few quirks that need to be known 

ahead of time, particularly if you’re a beginner. Not only that, they provide spectacular photography to accompany many of the recipes provided.

This cookbook provides the reader with a variety of recipes, such as baguettes, sandwich bread, whole-grain loaves, and even challah! This cookbook keeps it simple and straightforward, letting you bake gorgeous gluten-free bread in just five minutes a day.

Bread-Free Bread

By Nerissa Oden

What a great title for a cookbook, right?   This is the kind of cookbook that can make you feel great about just how health-conscious you are. A great addition to your cookbook shelf, it provides a wide range of gluten-free bread that you’ll want to use time and time again. 

Nerissa Oden, the author, uses healthy ingredients for recipes that take into account all aspects of nutrition – from fiber to your omegas. Those using the recipe not only feel good physically, but they also feel good about the conscious decision to make healthy food choices for their body.

This is a great cookbook if you’re making the shift to healthier and cleaner eating. There are a variety of recipes for those who want to avoid sugar, gluten, grains, and yeast and even for those following a paleo diet. All around, this is a cookbook that should be in everyone’s home, even those of us who aren’t so health-conscious but like to have some healthy options on the cookbook bookshelf.

Gluten-Free Bread

By Ellen Brown

This is a great gluten-free bread cookbook, particularly if you’re interested in the science behind it all. The author, Ellen Brown, offers details as to how the proteins, starches, yeast, and carbohydrates work together to mimic the function of gluten. This base of knowledge gives the reader the opportunity to experiment with a little more know-how. This a great cookbook for those of us who prefer a no-fail recipe, and consistently tasty results. 

While grocery stores are offering more and more variety when it comes to gluten-free types of bread available, there really is nothing quite like home-baked bread. With this gluten-free bread cookbook, you don’t have to buy whatever processed products are offered on the shelves, but you can now attempt it yourself. Everything from burger buns to sandwich bread and so much more. 

Bread & Butter: Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes to Fill Your Bread Basket

By Erin McKenna

If you’ve been missing non-gluten-free bread, you don’t have to any longer. No more coveting your neighbors’ croissant, bagel, English muffin, or cinnamon bun – you can now make it yourself, and share with anyone and everyone. 

Author Erin McKenna provides pictures for every recipe, making it so much more enjoyable to go through every page. This cookbook offers the reader many bread options, from simple to fancy.

It does, however, cater mostly to the North American baker and the specialty ingredients listed are not necessarily readily available outside of the United States. That being said, if you’re already used to measuring in cups and have easy access to an abundance of gluten-free ingredients – then you can easily take advantage of the wonderful recipes this cookbook has to offer.

The Sum Up

Twenty, even ten years ago, it was hard to find so many different gluten-free bread recipes and cookbooks. Today, weeding through it all can be a little time-consuming. Having a few of the best or tried and true cookbooks listed in one place is a real resource. 

Here we’ve tried to put together as comprehensive a list of gluten-free bread cookbooks as possible, to save you, the gluten-free bread baker, the time and trouble of searching and reviewing.