10 Best Bread Baking Workshop Around the World

Photo by Chris Tonnesen, courtesy of Meyers Food House

Most of us are baking at home on a regular basis, enjoying the peace and quiet and the therapeutic effect of kneading the dough. The sense of achievement as our last creation emerges hot out of the oven, smelling like heaven and reaping compliments from all the members of the household is like no other. We improve our craft and get better over time.

But every now and then it is highly recommended to go out and learn new tricks from good teachers first hand, to meet passionate baking enthusiasts just like us and to inject some spark into our regular routines.
Whether you can combine a baking workshop with a vacation (my favorite option!) because its always great to learn tips for baking bread from different cultures or if it’s a short baking workshop in your hometown its all good.

In this post, I give you the best bread baking workshops around the world. The workshops are located in fascinating locations and are organized by the best teachers in the industry. Note that these are not professional courses, but short classes that range from a few hours to a few days. It all depends on your budget, the nature of your vacation and your own goodwill. so buckle up; we’re taking off.

2-day Traditional Bread Baking Workshop Presentation – Le Cordon Bleu Paris

It is impossible to think of such a list without including (and open with) this magnificent gastronomic institution that trains thousands of students in culinary pastry and baking each year by the best Parisian chefs that the city of lights has to offer.

The Cordon Bleu opened its doors in 1895 and quickly became one of the most prestigious culinary schools in the world.
Bread is a vital part of everyday meals and remains one of France’s most famous specialties and I’m not just talking about the famous French baguette so there’s nothing like learning from the experts AKA the chefs who pass this workshop. They are part of the official teacher team of the Le Cordon Bleu and are experts in baking bread of all kinds.
This artisan baking workshop lasts two days, 6 hours a day between 2 pm to 8 pm each day, so it is definitely suitable for anyone who is planning a vacation in what considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The workshop covers the entire process of bread baking method; how to prepare the flour and notably how to calculate temperatures, process water, and the technology behind yeast, including the provision of recipes and baking of a variety of bread like rye bread, white bread, as well as chocolate rolls, small brioches etc. The workshop touches on traditional bread preparation as well as master yeast and leaven and fermentation. The groups are not very big so there is personal attention from the chef which is important.

How long? 2-days workshop
Damage to your pocket: € 470.00
Website cordonbleu.edu/

Please note that the workshop is delivered in French and consecutively translated into English by a translator.

Breadcamp – The Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School Sicily

Courtesy of The Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School

Let’s start from the fact that the place is simply stunning, an ancient villa in the heart of Sicily countryside will be your home during your stay in this 5 nights bread camp workshop.
The Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School was founded by her and dedicated to the culinary world that Sicily has to offer (she also published two cookbooks focusing on the Sicilian culinary).

The school offers cooking workshops from half a day to several days and has worked with renowned chefs from around the world such as Julia Child, James Beard, Alice Waters, Carol Field and more.
Sadly, Anna died in 2010 but her daughter Fabrizia Lanza continues to spread Sicilian culinary culture and preserve the endangered colonial tradition this part of the world has to offer.
The bread camp is all about five nights, 6 days of old school baking traditions, local ingredients tasting, a combination of culinary adventures, tours of local farms and a descent into the world of Sicilian grains.
The workshop will cover the Sicilian variation of wheat, traditional bread recipes, how to work with sourdough starter, deferent sourdough technics and a visit to the local flour mill followed by baking bread in a firewood oven.

Please note that this is purely a culinary holiday. It is not a morning-night lesson type of class, and the low key atmosphere is a big part of the deal: experience the Sicilian spirit, be part of a family and relax.
The workshop is intended for all levels but is recommended mainly for beginners who have already made some progress and know a thing or two about baking homemade bread.
Another important thing to note is that this is not a five-star vacation: the rooms are pretty basic, and generally it’s about rustic week action.

The workshop will be organized in collaboration with Linda Sarris, a private chef from New York City, now working in Palermo and a true expert in all thing Sicily so as you can imagine, there will not be any language barrier.

How long? 5 nights bread camp workshop
Damage to your pocket:
Single Room: €2,475
Double Room: €4,375
Costs include accommodation, lessons, meals, wine, and excursions.
Website: annatascalanza.com

E5 Bakehouse – sourdough breadmaking, London

Courtesy of E5 Bakehouse

This excellent bakery entered my bucket list of the best bread bakeries in the world and for good reason. The bread they make here are just crazy, they know how to do the job and there’s nothing like learning from the best, right?
The bakery offers two different full-day workshops from 11 to 5:30 each is passed on by one of the bakery’s experienced bakers.
The Sourdough Breadmaking workshop is more geared towards beginning bakers. During the day the participants baked four types of bread: country loaf, ciabatta-style bun, seeded rye and bagels. All bread used in sourdough culture.
The workshop will also cover topics like how to prepare and preserve sourdough starter, kneading, and shaping your loaf.

The other workshop “Advanced Sourdough”, is aimed at experienced home bakers who have already accumulated a few successes under their belt and are interested in learning and enriching their knowledge in bread making.
Among the bread that will be baked during the day, you can find hackney wild bread, high hydration 100% heritage wholemeal loaf, sourdough Greek flatbread and more. Each of these bread uses a different sourdough leaven and this gives an opportunity to understand how it affects the taste and texture of the sourdough
Other topics the workshop covers: how to integrate porridge and sprouted grains into bread, different milling technics and more.

How long? one full-day workshop
Damage to your pocket: £ 150 which includes an organic lunch, plus cake and hot drinks, a starter, recipes, a dough cutter, and a bread-proofing basket.
Note: ten people is a minimum required for holding the workshop.
Website: e5bakehouse.com

Zopf – Matsudo,  Japan

Another one of the bakeries which made my Best bakeries in the word list.
This bakery, about 40 minutes from Tokyo, offers a huge range of bread (hundreds of different types!), All made from natural yeast and flour they mill on there own. you can find local bread and western type bread, whatever your heart desire

Now, this bakery built a name for itself of being series and if you plan to attend one of the workshops you will understand why.
The bakery offers no less than 21 different workshops divided according to the subject of the workshop, namely the type of bread that students will learn to bake and the level of experience the students have so that the level of the workshop will be somewhat uniform and not frustrating for anyone.

Among the types of bread that can be baked are Sweet roll, Table roll, Hearthbread, French bread, Danish croissant, and Rye to name a few.
The students themselves are divided into no less than six levels of learning experience ranging from the total beginner bakers who will make bread for the first time up to professional bakers working in the industry.
The students are asked to rate their level at the time of registration and will be assigned to a course that suits them in terms of content and experience.
Are we serious or what?

This is really an opportunity to learn new and varied types of bread and methodology that will be harder to find in the West so take the opportunity with both hands and be sure to check the itinerary of the workshops published every month or two on their site.
Most of the workshops are a one-day thing between 11:00 am and 16:30 pm accompanied by demonstrations and joint baking. Of course, the bread can be taken home and be enjoyed by later.

How long? full-day workshop
Damage to your pocket: between $ 118 and $ 126 depending on the content of the workshop.
Website: http://zopf.jp

Meyers Food House – bread workshop, Copenhagen

Photo by Chris Tonnesen, courtesy of Meyers Food House

This workshop was founded by Master Baker Claus Meyer, a big name in the industry.
The Meyer Bakery in Copenhagen under his command is all what bread should be. Meyers, whose name is known as one of the co-founders of the Noma restaurant, one of the best restaurants in the world, use organic Nordic wheat for his bread.

In this workshop, which is   located in the bustling district of Nørrebro in Copenhagen, you can learn how to make all this wonder with a variety of workshops and classes offered by Meyers Food House and thought by their skilled instructors.
The workshops, a total of five hours that passes like a second (time passes quickly when you enjoy yourself), each dealing with a different type of bread.

Among the options you can find:
Oland Wheat Bread (named after the Swedish Island ‘Oland’) – a local characteristic bread, Rye bread where you can learn
the secrets of sourdough, get to know the most feasible cereals and methods and be introduced into different kneading and baking methods.
One more option is a class called Meyer’s baking school vol. 1
that covers the long -term rising, the importance of the relationship between water and flour, the use of sourdough in baking and the importance of baking at the right temperature, mixing and much more.
There is also the second part of this workshop that deals with different types of sourdough, techniques to control and maintain your sourdough. You will bake 100% wholemeal bread with different wheat varieties such as low wheat, purple wheat, wheat species and so on.
All and all Meyers Baking School offer four different baking classes: Volume 1, 2 and 3 as well as a gluten-free baking class.

In all workshop, students will learn to grind their whole-grain flour, get a lesson about the importance of using organic ingredients and get a demonstration of the famous gluten test.

How long? five hours
Damage to your pocket: $ 193
Website: meyersmad.dk
Note: the majority of their courses are conducted in Danish with a few available in English, so make sure to find out before you sign up.

Toscana Saporita Cooking School – Tuscany

Courtesy of Toscana Saporita Cooking School

The highlight of the workshops is undoubtedly the fact that its taking place in this culinary institution in the heart of Tuscany. I said Tuscany I said it all, right? For what is more identified with this region than its rich culinary culture and its wonderful artisan’s bread?

The Culinary School opened its doors in 1994 as the realization of a dream of two cousins Anne and Sandra Rosy Lotti to make their way back from the US to the land of their ancestors and teach the region’s rich cultural traditions. Unfortunately Anne died in 2001 but Sandra Rosy Lotti continues the dream for both of them at the school that has become recognized worldwide as famous chefs such as Dieter Schorner, Arthur Schwartz, Cesare Casella, Gary Rhodes, Mary Ann Esposito, and wine guru Michael Green, to name a few, came to the school or gave it a warm recommendation to their followers.

Every week, students from all over the world come to the school, and so the unique encounter is not only with the rich culinary cultures of Tuscany but also with new friends and cultures from around the world in a relaxed and memorable atmosphere.

The bread workshop includes 13 hours of intense baking where you will discover bakers best-kept secrets and work with a 60-year-old (!) starter, creating amazing bread, focaccia, pizza and more.

How long?
You have two options:
The first – take only the bread workshop, three days, four hours every afternoon.
The second option, is a combination of the bread workshop with the cooking course, is a full five days (cook in the morning, bake in the afternoon).
Damage to your pocket: the full program is $ 3990 per person based on double occupancy.
Baking course only :1990$ based on full board plus a special bonus: one jar of their 60 yrs old starter
Website: toscanasaporita.com

Ballymaloe cookery school, Ireland

Courtesy of Ballymaloe cookery school

This school, which opened its doors in 1983, started as the dream of one woman, Darina Allen, who taught cooking at her home kitchen. Since then her school became one of the world’s most prestigious culinary school out there.

The school beautifully situated on a huge farm. It holds an organic garden as big as ​​100 acres that provide most of the ingredients for the school’s students according to the seasons and to the philosophy of sustainability or “slow cooking” aka the use of fresh ingredients by season.
In addition to Darina, the school’s leading staff includes Rory O’Connell and Rachel Allen. They are all talented chefs who have written several cookbooks, appeared innumerable TV shows, and know how to cook!

This bread baking workshop is short, a total of 4 hours but it gives you just enough time to enrich your knowledge, and if you have decided to take a short workshop – this one is preferably the best.
In the workshop, you will learn to prepare two different types of bread,
the difference between the various raising agents in Soda Bread, Yeast Bread and Sourdough, the importance of using high-quality ingredients to achieve the best result and especially the tricks of experienced bakers on pre-planning the bake and saving time.

Of course, you’ll get a personal demo to show you how the various bread is prepared from scratch, with overhead mirrors and two monitors showing close-up handiwork ( give hi-five for the hi tack classroom).
Then it’s your time to get your hands dirty and make loaves of bread. During the workshop, the teachers will share tips and techniques and the small class is a great place to ask all the questions you have and get an educated answer.

By the end of the workshop, you taste the bread that came out of the oven (Yummy) and takes home what’s left of it.
Nice bonus: After four hours in that place I’m not sure at all that you want to leave but when you do, you can take a pack of the recipes that will be provided for your ongoing reference.

How long? 4 hours workshop
Damage to your pocket: € 170

The School of Artisan Food -UK

Courtesy of The School of Artisan Food

Want to improve the abilities to make artisan bread at home? This is the place for you.
This school is located in Nottingham’s Sherwood is known for its courses and workshops to artisan related whether its bread, cheese, brewing butchery, charcuterie or preserving.
The school took up the challenge of passing these traditions on by the best professionals tutors around.
The school offers a variety of workshops for baking bread, ranging from half a day, full day to three days, on various subjects such as Rye and Heritage Grains, Italian Baking & Pizza Making, Advanced Viennoiserie and more

The workshop I recommend is an intense three-day workshop, 9:30 am – 5:00 pm each day, that covers every step of the artisan baking process: ingredients, sourdough, kneading, proofing, shaping, and baking.
Among the bread you will enjoy making in the workshop you can find wholemeal, white, malt house, ciabatta, focaccia, levain de campagne
baguette, brioche, white sourdough, and rye sourdough.
The tutor that will take you on this wonderful journey is Emmanuel Hadjuanderou who trained as a baker in South Africa and baked all around the world. In the UK, Emmanuel has worked for Flour Power, Gordon Ramsay, Daylesford Organic and Judges Bakery. He even published three books about baking bread so you will be in good hands.

This is really one of the most intensive workshops that can be found and is suitable for a wide variety of levels, whether you are a beginner baker or someone who has already made a way for yourself in the home baking world, everyone will find their place here.

How long? 3 days workshop
Damage to your pocket: £ 480.00
The price includes refreshments throughout the day, as well as a buffet-style lunch.
Website: schoolofartisanfood.org

The Artisan Bread School  – Louisville, USA

Photo by © Mary Wells Ball

The Artisan Bread Camp offers an intensive five-day course that will take your baking skills to the next level.
The camp is a day camp, meaning everyone has to take care of accommodation arrangements in the area, and each day you will meet for an intensive baking session between 9 am and 4 pm.

The instructors, brother, and sister Tom and Lori Edward are talented bakers who will teach you in small groups the theory, methodology, and skills necessary for any baker to know. Among other topics, you will cover wood ovens, milling grains and different kinds of bread.
During the workshop, students will learn to prepare Sourdough Focaccia, with Focaccia variation, Sourdough Country Loaves with Variations, allowing you to be creative to design your own add into the classic Country Loaves.

more on the curriculum: ciabatta, Firing traditional Neapolitan pizza dough, Discussions of Ancient and Sprouted Grain Bread (Rye, Spelt, Heritage Turkey Red Wheat, etc.) Sourdough Bagels and Commercial baking, focusing on mixing, shaping and baking 40+ loaves

The workshop is directed at both home and experienced bakers, learning is in small groups so that each student receives the attention he needs and the experience that will enrich his or her knowledge.

How long? five-day course
Damage to your pocket:1350$
It includes all lunches and one family-style gourmet dinner +
a binder with all the recipes.
Website: artisanbreadclasses.com

The San Francisco Baking Institute (SFBI)

Courtesy of The San Francisco Baking Institute

We’re leaving Kentucky for San Francisco, the city of countless amazing bakeries and it just makes sense that this wonderful institution has chosen Frisco as its home. This school that has acquired a world-class reputation for baking education is the only one in the United States devoted entirely to artisan baking.
The school offers a variety of workshops for baking bread from one day, two days to five days.

I chose to recommend their weekend workshop, a two-day workshop but it is recommended to look at their website to check the selection for the workshops offered and choose what suits you best in terms of time, budget and interest.

The 2 days workshop I liked will teach you to work with sourdough, mixing, fermentation, retarding, and autolyse. It will also show you how to get crackling blisters on the crust of your sourdough and you will experiment in preparing a San Francisco style sourdough with high acidity, sourdough baguettes and a highly popular naturally leavened country bread with high hydration.

Their spacious classrooms and technologically-advanced equipment create an environment that is similar to a typical modern bakery which is fun to work at.

How long? 2 days weekend workshop
Damage to your pocket: $ 398
Website: sfbi.com


That was my list.
Have you ever participated in s super recommended workshop you think should make the list? If so, let me know in the comment section. I would be happy to hear feedback and get new ideas for my next workshop vacation, my favorite combination of all.

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