Top 8 Bread Machine Cookbooks For Bread Maker Fans

A bread machine is a convenient appliance to have in your kitchen and has many advantages including time, money and hard work being saved. (To see if a bread machine will be a good fit for your needs, check out this article here).

The best bread machine books that you should be in your library as a bread machine owner are listed below

  • The Bread Lovers Bread Machine Cookbook – By Bethe Hensperger
  • The No-Fuss Bread Machine Cookbook – By Michelle Anderson
  • Best Bread Machine Cookbook – By Betty Croker
  • The Bread Machine Cookbook – By Donna Rathmell German
  • The All-New Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook – By Tom Lacalamita
  • The Artisan Bread Machine – By Judith Fertig
  • Rustic European Bread From Your Bread Machine By Linda West Eckhardt & Diana Collingwood Butts
  • The Gluten-Free Bread Machine Cookbook By Jane Bonacci & Shanon Kinsella

The book’s reviewed and featured in this article will help you diversify the types of bread you make in your bread machine.

Whether you use your bread machine for part of the process of bread making or the whole process you will find a book just right for you here.

We will cover the best books from sourdough bread, whole wheat, and whole-grain bread to gluten-free bread.

Today’s machines are smarter and more efficient than ever and can give great results, but still, many home bakers find themselves disappointed and frustrated after their bread fails miserably in it, may it be being too dense, have huge holes, to flat for their liking and what not.

These books are written by experts and they go deep in explaining every aspect of bread baking in these machines.

Important note you should take into acount: many home bakers seems to think that a bread maker means you put the ingredients in, press a button and go on your merry way. In my experience, this is simply not the case. Yes, there might be a few recipes that apply to that kind of behavior but in most cases it is advised to stay around to watch the dough forming, especially when trying a recipe for the first time. Dont say I didnt warn you!

The Bread Lovers Bread Machine Cookbook By Bethe Hensperger

This book is a fan favorite of many home bakers and for a good reason.

With over 600 pages it gives a well thought out explanation of bread baking and the science behind it while keeping it light and fun read. It gives a real insight of all the basics like ingredients, techniques, starter, troubleshooting, and of cors bread machines:)

The recipes in this book are in one word: delicious. They are divided by categories like Daily Breads, Whole Wheat, Whole Grain, Specialty Flour Breads, Traditional Loaves, and so on, so it’s very easy to find your bearings.

One thing to consider though: some of the ingredients required for the recipes can present a bit of a challenge to find, not something every local store usually keeps, so take that into account.

All the recipes come in both 1.5 and 2 pounds loaves versions so if you wish to make a smaller or a bigger loaf, according to your needs and your bread machine capacity, you don’t need to adjust the recipe for your managements: it gives you the answer on a silver platter.

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The No-Fuss Bread Machine Cookbook By Michelle Anderson

A classic recipe baking book.

You will find basic recipes here like White bread, Whole Wheat, Pumpernickel, French, and many more. Its all very well organized so it’s very easy to orient oneself around the book.

Each recipe has between three and four different versions to match different sizes: 1 pound, 1.5 pounds, and 2 pounds loaves so whether you are single or have a big family, you will meet your needs here. What you will not find in this book is detailed explanations of the science behind bread baking. This is not a textbook in that sense.

The ingredients, like the recipes, are simple, such that can be found in any local grocery store, no need to hunt down special flours and exotic ingredients of any kind. You will find most of the ingredients in your home pantry.

The book comes with a host of spectacular photographs that open your appetite and make you want to get to work.

Note: measurements are in volume, not weight.

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Best Bread Machine Cookbook By Betty Crocker

This book combines the best of both worlds: it has recipes for breadmakers and recipes for mixing the dough in a bread machine and then shaping and baking in your home oven.

The recipes mostly come in 3 versions: 1,1/2 and 2 lb loaves and are easy on the eyes as well (good font size).

The book provides enlightening explanations of terms you should know, functions you can find in various bread machines, techniques, ingredients you should get familiar with and their meaning in the recipe. Also, how the dough should look in the pan, and even a troubleshooting guide.

For all those reasons it’s a great book for novice bakers who are just starting out (it’s great for intermediate bakers as well but novice bakers will appreciate the extra emphasis it gives on all these topics).

It boasts easy to follow illustrations ( beautiful artistic photos) on how to shape your bread and how the bread should look like.

What can I say? great book overall and one of my personal favorites.

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The Bread Machine Cookbook By Donna Rathmell German

This book provides simple and easy-to-read recipes. It also includes directions and tips on using bread machines including troubleshooting so if you’re new to baking in a bread maker, this book can be a good choice.

The format is simple: each recipe is available in three versions of different sizes, and the ingredients are written in order of insertion into the bread machine so it is very difficult to make a mistake.

You will also find recipes here that made specifically just for using the bread machine as a kneading and proofing tool and finishing the bake in your home oven.

The bread types are varied and also include rolls like croissants, cinnamon rolls, hamburger rolls and more, as well as suggestions on how to get creative and add different spices to the bread and make it your own.

Note: The book doesn’t have photos in it to let you know how the end result should look like and the overall design is in a relatively basic format.

What makes up for that is the book in the updated version here has a section where the author comments on feedback she received from her readers including tips, tricks, and adjustments that were sent to her by readers who tried the recipes in the first edition, so you know the Wisdom of the crowd is working for you!

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The All-New Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook – By Tom Lacalamita

Many people use bread makers as a short cut for the kneading part for various reasons wheater its health, saving time or whatnot. For this group of people who like to bake bread in the oven but want to avoid the more physical aspects of the process, this book is for you.

As for the recipes, this book offers an abundance of delicious, yet very reasonable ( ingredients-wise) recipes. Nothing you’re not going to find in your local grocery store. Shout out to the whole-grain recipes.

The format is simple and the recipes are very easy to follow- very good for beginners. It also gives extra information about flour types and suggestions as to how to make the quality of your bread better.

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The Artisan Bread Machine By Judith Fertig

This book is very versatile. Half of it covers bread baking: you can find the more basic bread like whole wheat, rye bread and such as well as more exotic ones.

The other half of the book is dedicated to flatbread, pizza, various rolls and more, so overall it covers a lot of ground. (Note: some recipes require baking in your home oven).

Most recipes come in different sizes: 1,1.5, 2 and 3 pounds of loaves. That covers most of the bread makers on the market so whichever you own, this book will come handy for you. It also has an easy layout with tips and suggestions written on besides the recipes which are nice and convenient.

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Rustic European Bread From Your Bread Machine By Linda West Eckhardt & Diana Collingwood Butts

Producing “rustic” bread can be a challenge for most bread machines out there but this book gives you the step by step guide on how to go about it and cover a large range of bread types of Europeans bread.

However, it’s not the “push a button and go” method.
Most of the recipes are very detailed and informative but sometimes need a bit of effort to follow.

At times, preparation wheater it’s making a starter, or complex dough is being done the day before. It’s not as hard as it sounds. You simply put the ingredients overnight and the preparation is done by morning.

Some loaves are finished in the bread maker while others finished in your home oven, using the bread maker only for kneading and rising, so you can pick and choose.

To those who seek set and forget recipe, you can find those too – no need to worry:)

The book covers more than just recipes and gives a lot of information, insight, and stories on the art of bread making in a breadmaker and various ingredients: flour, eggs, yeast, starter and so on.

Great book for creative bakers who wants to create their own signature loaves.

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The Gluten-Free Bread Machine Cookbook By Jane Bonacci & Shanon Kinsella

This book gives a complete introduction to gluten-free bread: the science behind the ingredients, how they affect bread and the baking process, troubleshooting and how to go about it even if you don’t have a gluten-free setting in your machine. In that sense, the book is much more than a recipe collection.

The book offers only 1.5 pounds loaf size, so make sure your bread maker has that size before you buy this book.

If you desire to make your own gluten-free flour mix- you can rely on this book to guide you through it which is nice. You can also find a lot of dairy-free recipes in this book so if you have and diet restriction in that regard it’s definitely helpful.

The book guides you through making your own gum-free gluten-free flour mixes.

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As you can see we have picked out the best books out there that cover many different kinds of bread and techniques.

I will leave you with a final couple of tips.

  1. When you first start making bread in a bread machine you should always start with the cookbook it comes with. These cookbooks are made and engineered specifically for that bread machine. You should experiment with these first and then move on to other bread from these books.
  2. If you ever want to increase the yield of a recipe ( if you have a recipe for a 1.5 lb and want to increase it to 2lb) you will need to convert the ingredients into percentages in relation to the flour and then increase it. There are scales that have this function built right in and can make your life much easier. This feature is called ” the baker’s percentage function”. Here is a review of such a scale that I personally own and find to be the best on the market for the best price – Bakers Math Kitchen Scale – KD8000 by My Weight