Round or Oval Proofing Basket. Which Should I Buy?

Many times I get asked by new bakers which proofing basket should I buy? round or oval?

If you are only going to buy one proofing basket I would advise getting an oval proofing basket. The reason being is because it is more practical. Let me elaborate.

Lately, there has been a trend on many websites or youtube video’s where the baker uses a round proofing basket for their artisan-style bread.

The reason for this is because round loaves for some strange reason ( most likely psychological ) seem rustic. Everyone loves rustic-looking bread. They also look better in photographs on your social media.

If you ask me though they are less practical and here is why. Round loaves are nice to present at a dinner table and are great for dishes where it requires you to dip the bread into a sauce. This means you can just tare a piece of bread from the loaf.

If you intend to make sandwiches whether be it open face or closed sandwiches it is a bit less practical. When you slice a round loaf there are 2 ways to go about it.

  1. slice the bread down the middle. Place the open face down on your slicing board and then cut semi-circle slices.
  2. slice the bread the full length of the loaf.

In option one, you will notice you get some small slices and only the slices in the middle are a normal size for sandwiches.

In option two you will notice you have very long slices, especially when you get closer to the middle of the loaf, and then your slices are huge.

This is why oval loaves are more practical. you can use them for sauces and for sandwiches. Let’s face it. Bread on the day-to-day is used for sandwiches. Whether a fancy sandwich for yourself or for the kids to school.

If you are in the market for a proofing basket here is a link with a great deal for two 10″ oval proofing baskets along with 3 plastic scrapers. This is the best price on Amazon that we have found at the time of writing this article – see the link here.

10″ proofing baskets are the ideal size for a loaf that is anywhere from a pound to a pound and a half.

I would also always recommend getting 2 baskets and not just one. Just in case you would like to make a bigger dough. Have one loaf for yourself and another to bring to friends, family, or to a dinner party or just to freeze one loaf for a later day.

If you are interested in purchasing a round proofing basket you can find a link right here for 2 round baskets with three plastic scrapers.


Hi, my name is Amit. I started baking at a young age at my father's bakery. I hope I can answer some of your questions and hopefully you will find some hidden gems to help you out with your home baking skills.

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